Johnathan's Ministry

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.."
                                     Matthew 5:4


What We Do

Johnathan's Ministry is about giving comfort and hope to families who have suffered the loss of their baby. Although it is something we all hope we never face, if it does happen, Christ's love is our only true comfort.

Our mission is to provide bereavement boxes to Brazosport area hospitals. With the support and cooperation of the nursing staff and healthcare professionals, these items will reach families who have suffered the loss of a baby. The hand-painted boxes include: a handmade layette that includes a baby gown, cap, and receiving blanket, a tiny bag for hair clippings, a kit for hand/foot prints, a teddy bear, a handmade baby bracelet, and a handmade card.

If you feel led to get involved in any way with this ministry, please contact us. You may also call the Church Office at 979-297-3049 to inquire or volunteer. Some of the ways you can be involved include: sewing baby layettes, painting boxes, sewing gowns, donating white lace, ribbon, eyelet, purchasing items such as paint supplies, white Playdoh, or by giving a monitary donation. Donations in honor of or in memory of someone will be acknowledged.

Click here to view/print a Johnathan's Ministry Brochure.