Disciple Life

Febrary 18, 2018

Dear Friends,

In Galatians 3, Paul draws an important contrast between the Promise of God and the Law of God. Here’s what Leith Samuel has to say about this: “While both come from the same God, they each look in a different direction. The promise makes us look to the Promiser (the One who made the promise) for the doing or fulfilling of it. The clauses in the law make us look to ourselves for the doing. The promise has to do with the answer to our need; the law has to do with the awareness of our need. The promise is linked with the provision of God’s gracious answer; the law is linked with the preparation of the heart for God’s gracious answer. The promise has to do with the bringing of the blessing; the law has to do with the longing for the blessing. The promise is God’s way of lifting up the sinner to His throne through faith; the law is His way of bringing down the sinner to His feet in repentance.”

Both the law and the promise are necessary in the Christian life. The law is the schoolmaster’s rod which raps the knuckles of our conscience and sends us scurrying; but the promise wraps the anxieties of our heart and sends us running to Christ. The law illuminates the offense of sin; the promise overcomes that sin with the offense of the Cross. To neglect either the Law of God or His Promise is to miss out on the whole counsel of Scripture; to embrace both is to understand and receive the wonderful blessing of salvation through Christ our Lord.

Yours aye,
In Christ,
Alan Trafford