Disciple Life

April 29, 2018

Dear Friends,

Have you ever been sent anywhere to do something? Most of us have, at one time or another. It might have been a simple errand you were asked to run, or a top secret mission that was entrusted to you. Either way, you were given responsibility and expected to achieve whatever you had been sent to do.

I remember my mother sending me to the Chemist’s shop (a Pharmacy, you would call it), just over the road, when I was a young boy, probably about seven or eight years old. She was making a trifle for some reason and had run out of sherry. So, she sent me to pick up a bottle. It had apparently not occurred to her that minors cannot purchase alcohol. She probably would have said that she only needed a spoonful to give the trifle some flavor. According to family tradition, I tried my best to persuade the pharmacist that I would deliver the bottle straight to my mother. He could see our front door from his. She could wave to him from over the road! It didn’t work; he evidently had visions of me chugging sherry behind a hedge and beginning a life of depravity and crime. He wasn’t to know that I’ve never liked sherry, not even in trifle. Instead, fearing that he could lose his license, he grabbed a bottle and marched me over the road to deliver the contraband to my bemused mother. Legend has it that she sent him a bowl of trifle for his trouble.

God does not send us to fulfill His purposes without equipping us for the task. The irony is, of course, that in many places, sharing the Gospel is illegal. You can get into big trouble if you are caught. You might even be marched off to prison. And yet, the commission and the responsibility are still ours – to continue the ministry of Jesus, as those who have been sent.

Yours aye,
In Christ,
Alan Trafford